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A veteran waitress of 23 years, I've seen people dining. Good food and bad food exists everywhere. The good sits on plates in the small towns of Hawaii, graces tables all along the coast of California, just off the docks of Florida and among the white linen tables of Chicago. There to witness the birth of social media, I saw appetite and aperture collide.

My interest perked up six years ago:

"I can remember the first time I attempted to photograph food. Yeah, I was the girl with her crappy phone taking pictures of a dragon roll at my neighborhood sushi spot in Lincoln Park. Not only was the picture filtered to the brink of the gnarliest blur, it was as if a crayon box threw up on my plate. Come to think of it, that would be a cool concept for a photo. . . anyway, I have been taking pictures ever since. 


This “foodphotography” blog, is not for the faint of heart, but for those who love to see the beautiful side of food. There will be blood, bones, eyes and quite possibly tongues involved. Just stick around and see what my days bring. Working in the Chicago restaurant industry has taught me a thing or fifty about food and refreshments. Enjoy!"

(Opening lines from my food blog in 2014)

Within those years I created a position in one of the most successful restaurant groups in downtown Chicago. There I managed the digital content and drove the social media for their five restaurants in a contemporary and artistic direction suited to each restaurant's style. As the in-house photographer I coordinated multiple shoots between chefs and restaurant staff for mainstream press and print while keeping the social media streams current and relevant. I've found my passion and my calling. 

Allow me to photograph yours.

-Kira Anderson, Spoon Gypsy

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